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Welcome to born Distinction!

born Distinction Co., Ltd. is a boutique e-Marketing strategic consultant company, whose specialty focuses in tourism and hospitality industry.

Over 10 years of experience have proved the capability of the company to help your organization achieve its marketing objectives. Our experiences in the tourism & hospitality industry, online distribution and web technology have made us expert with the unique methodology and the tools in developing your business.

Our role is to take an objective approach to your business’ presence, the concepts, the functionality and determine how best to serve your business needs in order to encourage your company’s online potential to achieve new lucrative online markets by using advanced-generation internet-based business models and technologies.

What makes us ‘Distinct’?

  1. Our in-depth experience of online marketing communication specialized for tourism and hospitality industry.

  2. Marketing & Business oriented team who truly understands tourism technology. We are not a technology minded person but a strong marketing-minded team whose knowledge covers how to combine your marketing objectives with the most appropriate online tools & technologies.

  3. Personalized Service – We are comprised of a small specialized team focusing on specific industry. This enables us to offer truly personalized services to you.

  4. High Project Management skill and Vendor Management skill
              • Experience in managing a large marketing budget
              • Experience of dealing with Technology and Product
              • Strong accuracy, attention to detail at all times

  5. Solid Tracking & Measurement methodology
              • Truly understanding and implementing Online Tracking
              • Experience of measuring campaign / response
                effectiveness/ Return on Investment (ROI)

A perfect E-Marketing approach with the solution through plan, strategy and functionality to reflect your anticipated outcome are the qualities of our company. We provide extensive E-Marketing services, which can be customized to serve your needs in order to make your business work effectively.